I work at the intersection of digital products and offline interactions; designing seamless experiences online, offline and everything in-between. 

Design Research

Expert in uncovering user perspectives and behaviours and continuously seeking to find the ‘why’. 

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Ux/product design

Experienced digital designer, comfortable working on both product strategy and detailed design, but always data driven.


service design

Working beyond the screen to solve complex problems that involve people, processes, policies and systems.



My goal as designer is to create user centred, socially responsible experiences that work for both the end user and the organisation. Having an undergraduate in Product Design and a postgraduate in Business, it has has helped me balance the often conflicting needs of user and business within industry. 

Over the course of my career I have worked in-house for Orange and Ryanair, and consultancy side for live|work and Each&Other. More recently I have also been involved in design education. 

The theme throughout my career is being involved in early stage teams:  

  • At Ryanair, I was the first and only Service Designer. Sitting within the wider user experience team I helped champion a user centred approach for both online and offline interactions, helping to change the Ryanair culture to a more customer centric one.

  • While at Each&Other I was instrumental in setting up their first research team and building processes and standards around that. 

  • In Orange I was involved in defining a new way of working which would allow design to be involved earlier in the product development process. 

  • Being one of the early hires in live|work I was tasked with defining and documenting their processes, some of which can be found in their first book.


Due to confidentiality, I cannot show all of my work publicly. If you’re interested in seeing my work please get in-touch and I will grant you access.